Harness Lead

The Lanther is a model and spokesdog for Harness Lead, an all in one leash and harness.  He appears on their business web site in still photos, as well as video, representing the product.  

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It is ONE PIECE and ONE SIZE for dogs, best for dogs 25 lbs and up.  

It can change from a 25 lb dog to 200+ lb dog in seconds.

It has the same simplicity and convenience  as the standard slip lead, but Harness Lead is redesigned allowing it to quickly convert to a gentle harness construction.

No more choking, gagging and uncomfortable pressure around the trachea.

This design is patent pending. By transferring the pressure to the dog’s mid section it allows for a more enjoyable walk for both dog and handler alike.

It is the perfect choice for shelter workers and volunteers, that often have a diverse array of medium and large breed dogs to be walked. Harness lead is a gentler option for the shelter dog.

Please visit www.harnesslead.com to find out more about Harness Lead.


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