Dear pals… I realize I haven’t blogged in while. First, lack of opposable thumbs. Secondly, a lazy assistant (The Human). Thirdly, I’m working on a new site and embarking upon the journey from to Why? So that I can make my site more barktastic! allows more creative freedom for my site design… a better dog house, so to speak!

In the process of making this move, there is one danger… the transition appears to not take with me my subscribers automatically. I am hoping one of two things will take place… 1) after my move, those of you subscribed will search on WordPress for me to reunite us via subscription, and 2) I will reach back out to each of you to reconnect, as I have a printed out my list of subscribers. 

I wish Humans were more witty in making this process fluid, ya know, the way that we dogs mark to track with one another across terrain.

So, tonight is the night I’m going to make the very scary SWITCH from WORDPRESS.COM to WORDPRESS.ORG … wish me luck! And please come find me or I will be at your virtual door looking for treats!