Hello fans!  It’s me again, The Lanther!!!  You all know that I am a rescue dog.  Part of my purpose as a RESCUED DOG is to be a spokesdog for other animals who find themselves in shelters seeking a home.

One of the things my human does to help promote adoptions is make mini-motion pictures of us dogs in action.  There’s a certain magic captured by motion pictures that cannot be conveyed in any other format.  So my human puts us dogs on screen to tell our stories… all under the guise of Animal Rescue Films (ARF), her little internet video “studio” name.

In honor of my canine friends, I share with you the most current project and canine up for adoption, a senior mix named Sherman.  If you live in NJ or know someone who does, who might be interested in Sherman, feel free to use the contact info at the end of the video.

Presenting, Sherman 🙂  Good luck fellow Woofer!!!

Sherman For Adoption