So I’m a little bit behind on posting… I blame the human.  She distracted me upon her return from wherever she went.

Let’s catch up!

See the webcam photo below from my little resort vacation?  Notice anything specific? See that little leash-looking item?  That’s right… I took it from guest services and they couldn’t get it back.  Hee hee hee!!! What a fun game that was!  It was my last day so I figured it would be fun to bamboozle them a little.

Then when my human showed to pick me up… I did my canine duty of mauling her in joyous welcome and trying to casually acquire a few more toys that were laying around the lobby. Weee!!! Look at her trying to keep up with my clepto-mouth!!! LOL!!! I really wanted that lamb-looking toy!!!  Darn!

See the video here: