My human dipped out on me this week. She hooked a dog up though, booked me a a room at a special doggy bed and biscuit. It is resorty… big playgrounds, a salt water pool and a spacious suite with a large plush bed, and no cages, just regular walls and picture windows to see out. She didn’t come through on the ocean view though (making note of that in her performance evaluation).

I get a lot of walks. I also meet and play with dogs several times a day in groups. There’s a Golden who is kind of a bitch, a Yorkie who keeps licking his privates and a Rottie who has dragon breath. But mostly cool dogs.

I got two new toys to keep with me on down time. New toys rock! I got a plush lizard which I taught a serious lesson… gangsta style… a new mini jolly ball that has a handle… AND… wait for it… the new iBone! It has Siri, so I can ask it to tell me where to find the closest peanut butter kong or how to say, “Can I lick your face?” in Pekingese, Weimeranian, Malamute and like 100 other languages!